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Welcome to Wingnut’s Detroit Red Wing Weblog

Posted in Welcome with tags , , , , , , , , , , , on August 13, 2008 by wingnut08

Hey all you Wingnuts out there – and I know there are a lot of us all over the world.  I want to welcome you to my Detroit Red Wing Weblog.  I want to especially welcome all of my new Wingnut friends who joined my group “- Wingnuts – Fans of the Detroit Red Wings” on LinkedIn.  You guys and gals were my inspiration for creating this weblog.  I wanted to create a place were we could all meet, network and share our love for “the greatest sports team on the planet”!!!  Thanks for stopping by!

We can talk about the past, present, and/or the future of the Wings, from Gordie Howe to Stevie Y; from Zetterberg and Datsyuk to Marian Hossa; we can discuss it all.  Who’s your favorite Wing?  What jerseys do you have?  Where do you hail from?  Are you a Michigan resident, transplant, resident in spirit?  What’s your link to Detroit?  We’ve all got a story and now we have a forum.  Let’s have some fun while relishing our Wings.  We’re Wingnuts!  We just got another Stanley Cup – That’s 11 Stanley Cups!!  4 Cups in the last dozen years and no end in site!!! 

Dallas Drake raising the Cup
Dallas Drake raising the Cup

 Come on we have so much to talk about so don’t be shy.  Stay tuned I will be attempting to publish posts at least once per week or more if possible.  Feel free to join in anytime, make suggestions, and let me know what you’d like to see here – Welcome to the weblog and thanks again for stopping by.

Oh, one more thing – here’s a cool video I just saw and I wanted to share it with you
2008 Stanley Cup Champions! Detroit Red Wings!